Friday, July 10, 2009

From 21 to 22 - My yearly reflection on life before the age wheel starts again

As you all know I enjoy every year writing my last few words in one age range until become part of another. This year I turn from 21 to 22 and here is what I've learned about myself, others and the world:

1) Sometimes friends come in the most unlikely of of places. It might be randomly going to the gym with your or randomly coming over to help you care for your new set of kitties - either way the friendships are true and sustain the bonds of time and wear. I have a new perpective on friendships this year and what having them mean to making my future better and enriched.

2) Love never turns out like you want it to. Sometimes you find you love a person even through their selfish acts and you do eventually understand that you need to let them go no matter how hard it is. Our desires for others alway out weight the truth and taking hold of the truth and running with it is difficult. But sometimes it must be done.

3) Waiting on the words I love you can be like waiting for rain in the dessert. Sometimes you have to tell yourself that you love yourself when others won't.

4)Don't consider yourself just another number to a graduate school program. So you didn't get in. Get back up and find another place to go to school. Yes it does suck when your highschool friends are now going off to nice grad programs in JN way to the north but that doesn't make you any the less stupid or not worthy. It just means God has a better plan.

5)Take what ever job and for what ever money you can get.

6)Be willing to say no to friends who are pushing for you to join a club or needing you to sign up for something. If you don't feel ready in your heart then you aren't ready. Your friends will understand.

7) I learned that truckers are pretty cool people and are just hard workers trying to make a living. They are misunderstood and sometimes just need someone to talk to them

8) Don't plan on discussing future job woes with the parental units. They won't understand and will try to fix the problem for you. Never ends well. Usually ends with you crying more than anything as you try to please your parents.

9) Your mom is your best friend. Always

10) Sometimes it's ok to wait for the wedding but still you should be determined for a ring - a small one - just to show you some appreciation.

11) Anyone can be a great photographer with the righ equiptment

12) I learned this year that I want to travel the world and enjoy the cultures and lifestyles of others. France Trip 09 was the beginning of my "I want to travel bug" and I don't think it's gonna leave anytime soon.
13) Sometimes our friends get married before we do and it makes us feel less important to our signifigant others.... this is a part of life and won't change. No matter how much we want, a person can not change someone's mind to move in with them or get married. Not getting that feeling of want from the bf or gf can be crushing but it's then when we should refer back to step one of this post and make friends.

14) Life can be lived without a cell phone but NOT without a computer

15) It is very hard to pack up 2 years of one's life into boxes.... and have 4 little helpers to aid you
16) Be happy in the body you have and don't ruin it with drugs or alcohol.

17) Find every reason to give someone a flower - even if it is a weed from the garden. It will still mean something.
18) Leave little notes to friends so they can know you are thinking about them. These should be handwritten notes and not facebook wall posts.

19) I also am learning that 22 is the start of my life - my real life when things that didn't matter before now matter. I will make the most of this year and change my world. I will be a better me and I will learn to love no matter how hurt I am with my current circumstances.

2:01 pm today I will 22 years old..... no longer 21.... that is so hard to believe.

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